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Kentaro Somiya of Tokyo Institute of Technology is listed as an author on the following documents:

Last Updated
T2011662-v13 Summary of Sensitivity Estimate for O4 in Various Interferometer Configurations Yuta Michimura et al. Cryogenic
05 Aug 2020
T1809537-v6 Example sensitivity curves for the KAGRA upgrade Yutaro Enomoto et al. KAGRA
16 Jun 2020
T1909952-v6 KAGRA sensitivity in pyGWINC style Yutaro Enomoto et al. KAGRA
24 Aug 2019
T1910352-v6 On the effect of arm cavity finesse asymmetry to O3 sensitivity Yutaro Enomoto et al. Interferometer Sensing and Control
25 Jun 2019
D1809177-v4 In-vacuum OMC DC PD Pre-amplifier Board Yuta Michimura et al. Interferometer Sensing and Control
06 Apr 2019
T1909618-v7 Cartoon of AS Port Yuta Michimura et al. Interferometer Sensing and Control
23 Feb 2019
T1707038-v9 Latest estimated sensitivity of KAGRA (v201708) *APPROVED* Yutaro Enomoto et al. KAGRA
Interferometer Sensing and Control
07 Jan 2019
T1808172-v9 O3 Estimated Sensivitiy for FPMI, PRFPMI and RSE Yutaro Enomoto et al. Interferometer Sensing and Control
02 May 2018
G1605565-v1 Water GGN (theory) Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Jan 2018
P1706716-v3 Construction of KAGRA: Underground Gravitational Wave Observatory Yousuke Itoh et al. KAGRA
22 May 2017
G1707136-v1 Development of frequency dependent squeezing for future upgrades of Kagra Koji Arai et al. R&D
30 Aug 2017
G1707092-v1 KAGRA construction paper Yousuke Itoh et al. KAGRA
28 Aug 2017
G1706485-v13 Possible KAGRA Upgrades Yutaro Enomoto et al. GWADW
09 May 2017
G1706398-v3 Proposal to start integrated KAGRA+ planning (F2F March 2017) Yuta Michimura et al. KAGRA F2F
30 Mar 2017
T1605615-v1 How to use SVN Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Sep 2016
T1605528-v1 Requirement to the rotational noise of the STMs before IFI Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
22 Aug 2016
T1605257-v1 Analysis of the miscalculation in the simulation for the requirement of the OMC suspension Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Jun 2016
G1605256-v1 OMC simulation Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Jun 2016
G1605029-v1 Gravity gradient noise from spring water in the mine Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
29 Mar 2016
T1503537-v4 IFI report Yuu Kataoka et al. Interferometer
15 Jan 2016
G1504438-v2 OMCsuspension Kentaro Somiya Chief meeting
26 Oct 2015
G1504105-v1 Institute-base shifts Kentaro Somiya KAGRA F2F
29 Aug 2015
G1503753-v1 Goal and target sensitivity of bKAGRA Kentaro Somiya External Review
29 Jun 2015
T1503608-v1 Gouy phase shift in an OMC Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
04 Jun 2015
T1503349-v1 DFPMI sensitivity Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
26 Feb 2015
G1402580-v1 Feasibility of DC readout with optimal homodyne angle Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Aug 2014
T1402434-v1 KAGRA FINESSE file Ayaka Kumeta et al. Interferometer
24 May 2014
G1402338-v1 重力波検出器(KAGRA国内会議) Kentaro Somiya KAGRA meeting
16 Apr 2014
T1402227-v2 IFI scattered light requirement Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
20 Mar 2014
T1200913-v6 KAGRA Main Interferometer Design Document Yoichi Aso et al. Length Sensing and Control
Alignment Sensing and control
Interferometer Sensing and Control
19 Feb 2014
G1302046-v1 ET and ELiTES meeting reports Kentaro Somiya International
08 Dec 2013
T1301897-v1 Thermal noise workshop 2013 report Daniel Heinert et al. Workshop
09 Oct 2013
G1301756-v1 Introduction to laser interferometric gravitational wave telescope Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
28 Jul 2013
T1301669-v2 FINESSE manual for beginners Kentaro Somiya Activity
19 Jun 2013
G1301609-v1 undisclosed document Kentaro Somiya Other Groups
12 Apr 2013
G1301538-v2 KAGRA OMC Kentaro Somiya Interferometer Sensing and Control
16 Feb 2013
G1301504-v2 ELiTES activity reports Kentaro Somiya International
14 Feb 2013
G1301506-v1 Interface control Kentaro Somiya SEO
13 Feb 2013
G1301505-v1 JSPS bilateral program report (Germany) Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
13 Feb 2013
G1301496-v1 KAGRA OMC report Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
30 Jan 2013
T1301495-v1 OMC length noise contribution Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
Interferometer Sensing and Control
28 Jan 2013
T1301492-v3 Feed-forward error due to the rms fluctuation of the recycling cavities Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
Length Sensing and Control
25 Jan 2013
G1201447-v3 ET meeting report Kentaro Somiya Other Groups
17 Dec 2012
G1201305-v1 KAGRA and ET - focus on the common points - Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
03 Oct 2012
T1201258-v2 Book report on "Checklist Manifesto" Ichiro Nakatani et al. KAGRA
29 Aug 2012
G1201244-v1 120K Silicon detector Kentaro Somiya Other Groups
17 Aug 2012
G1201213-v3 IOO Kentaro Somiya et al. KAGRA F2F
01 Aug 2012
G1201201-v1 Individual contributions Kentaro Somiya KAGRA F2F
31 Jul 2012
G1201190-v3 Interface Control Kentaro Somiya SEO
30 Jul 2012
G1201189-v1 ELiTES report Kentaro Somiya et al. International
29 Jul 2012
T1201169-v1 Report on the requirement of SRC mirrors Kentaro Somiya Optics
17 Jul 2012
T1201167-v1 BS RoC requirement Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
17 Jul 2012
G1201136-v1 Downselection of observation bandwidth for KAGRA Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
06 Jul 2012
T1201084-v1 Allocation List Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
30 May 2012
T1201083-v1 Glossary List Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
30 May 2012
T1201082-v1 Parameter List Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
30 May 2012
T1200932-v1 Duty Factor Masaki Ando et al. Detector
30 May 2012
T1200987-v1 Interface list Kentaro Somiya System Engineering
30 May 2012
T1201081-v1 Tolerance of some parameters Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
30 May 2012
G1201057-v1 Advanced techniques to reduce quantum noise Kentaro Somiya R&D
28 May 2012
G1200850-v2 OMC design Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
03 Feb 2012
G1200829-v1 ICD report 120202 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
02 Feb 2012
G1200782-v1 Gravitational-wave detectors (JFFoS presentation) Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
15 Jan 2012
G1100729-v3 Interface Control Document Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
12 Dec 2011
T1100644-v1 Study report on the new LCGT setup with 22cm mirrors Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Nov 2011
G1100641-v1 BW special working group report Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
01 Nov 2011
G1100632-v1 Japan-Italy workshop slides Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
07 Oct 2011
T1100611-v1 minutes110922 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
22 Sep 2011
G1100599-v3 干渉計構成再最適化会議資料2 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
22 Sep 2011
G1100603-v1 LCGTのサスペンション熱雑音(II) Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
20 Sep 2011
T1100600-v1 干渉計構成再最適化会議議事録 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
20 Sep 2011
G1100590-v1 干渉計構成再最適化会議資料 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
09 Sep 2011
T1100589-v2 LCGT OMC design ver.1 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
08 Sep 2011
G1100578-v1 Interface Parameter Meeting #2 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
23 Aug 2011
G1100546-v3 Bandwidth talk at f2f 110804 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
04 Aug 2011
G1100531-v3 ICD talk Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
03 Aug 2011
G1100525-v1 TITech Introduction Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
02 Aug 2011
T1100446-v2 LCGT-LF report Kazuhiro Agatsuma et al. KAGRA
18 Jun 2011
G1100445-v1 LCGT-LF最終推奨案決定会議 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
07 Jun 2011
G1100436-v1 LCGT detector configuration Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
21 May 2011
T1100360-v4 Interface parameter list Yoichi Aso et al. KAGRA
03 Mar 2011
T1100350-v3 Down-selection of SB frequencies for LCGT Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
Interferometer Sensing and Control
15 Feb 2011
G1100329-v5 Requirements of LCGT parameters Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
05 Feb 2011
G1100319-v2 DCG report at F2F 110204 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
04 Feb 2011
T1000179-v2 LCGT各種パラメタ検討書 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
16 Nov 2010
G1000246-v1 LCGT talk at APPC11 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
15 Nov 2010
T0900226-v1 LCGT感度比較まとめ Yoichi Aso et al. KAGRA
04 Nov 2010
G1000222-v1 チーフ会議資料101101 Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
01 Nov 2010
G1000202-v1 advanced configuration group in LCGT Kentaro Somiya R&D
28 Sep 2010
G1000201-v1 iLCGT design Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
28 Sep 2010
T1000181-v1 iLCGT design study report Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
25 Sep 2010
G1000168-v1 早稲田高等研・月例研究会 Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
06 Sep 2010
G1000145-v1 光学系関連のR&Dについて Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
06 Aug 2010
T1000101-v1 Kamioka 10m prototype Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
01 Jun 2010
T1000099-v2 厳密な熱弾性雑音の計算方法 Kentaro Somiya CLIO
28 May 2010
T1000092-v2 LCGTのRCを折り返すかどうか Kentaro Somiya Alignment Sensing and control
30 Apr 2010
G1000086-v1 帰朝報告など Kentaro Somiya Activity
09 Apr 2010
G1000069-v3 PLUS-2009年度の活動状況 Masaki Ando et al. Seismic Isolation
CLIO meeting
KAGRA meeting
Interferometer Sensing and Control
Auxiliary IFO
25 Feb 2010
T0900056-v1 Study report on the LCGT Suspension Point Interferometer Masaki Ando et al. Suspensions
Seismic Isolation
19 Nov 2009
T0500048-v1 LCGT制御法検討レポート Kentaro Somiya Length Sensing and Control
08 Sep 2009
T0600039-v1 非定常散射雑音について Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
24 Jul 2009
T0500038-v1 非定常散射雑音について Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
24 Jul 2009
G0900034-v1 BRSEとDRSE Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
15 Jul 2009
G0900033-v1 LCGTの帯域をどうするかを決める際のもろもろの問題について Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
15 Jul 2009
G0900032-v1 LCGT制御法のアップデート Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
Interferometer Sensing and Control
15 Jul 2009
T0600031-v1 Length Sensing and Control for AdLIGO Osamu Miyakawa et al. Detector
15 Jul 2009
T0900023-v1 常温LCGT Kentaro Somiya KAGRA
24 Jun 2009
T0900022-v1 感度向上案 Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
24 Jun 2009
T0900021-v1 感度向上案 Kentaro Somiya Interferometer
24 Jun 2009

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