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Study report on the LCGT Suspension Point Interferometer

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Yoichi Aso
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Yoichi Aso
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19 Nov 2009, 11:13
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19 Nov 2009, 11:13
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19 Nov 2009, 11:13
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The LCGT SPI special working group is charged with the investigations on the necessity and
feasibility of the suspension point interferometer for LCGT. The biggest question to be answered
is whether we need to install an SPI to LCGT or not. For this purpose, we examined the
necessity of the SPI mainly from two aspects: (1) the reduction of the vibration introduced
from heat-link wires and (2) the reduction of RMS mirror motion for robust lock acquisition.
We also investigated alternative techniques which can replace or supplement the SPI.
This document is a result of the discussions in the working group.
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