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Example sensitivity curves for the KAGRA upgrade

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Yuta Michimura
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22 Dec 2018, 11:21
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Example sensitivity curves for the KAGRA upgrade.

In the zip file, there are 6 sensitivity data files for KAGRA
- bKAGRA.txt: Latest estimated KAGRA sensitivity, DRSE
- KAGRAplusLF.txt: Upgrade plan candidate focused on low frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplusHF.txt: Upgrade plan candidate focused on high frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplus40kg.txt: Upgrade plan candidate to use heavier mirror to improve mid-frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplusFDSQZ.txt: Upgrade plan candidate to inject frequency dependent squeezing (filter cavity) to improve both low and high frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplusCombined.txt: Upgrade plan candidate to combine technologies for broadband twofold improvement

For comparison and network calculations, LIGO and Virgo data are also included in the zip file:
- aLIGO.txt: Design sensivity for Advanced LIGO with coating thermal noise update
- Aplus.txt: Design sensitivity for the upgrade of Advanced LIGO, A+
- AdV.txt: Design sensitivity for Advanced Virgo with recent update to use broadband configuration
- AdVplus.txt: Design sensitivity for the upgrade of Advanced Virgo

See readme.pdf for the details of each sensitivity curve.

v5: readme.pdf updated to fix the typo (LF ambient radiation is 3 mW (not 0.3 mW))
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