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Example sensitivity curves for the KAGRA upgrade

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Example sensitivity curves for the KAGRA upgrade.

In the zip file, there are 5 sensitivity data files for KAGRA
- bKAGRA.txt: Latest estimated KAGRA sensitivity, DRSE
- KAGRAplusLF.txt: Upgrade plan candidate focused on low frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplusHF.txt: Upgrade plan candidate focused on high frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplus40kg.txt: Upgrade plan candidate to use heavier mirror to improve mid-frequencies (near term upgrade)
- KAGRAplusFDSQZ.txt: Upgrade plan candidate to inject frequency dependent squeezing (filter cavity) to improve both low and high frequencies (near term upgrade

For comparison and network calculations, LIGO and Virgo data are also included in the zip file:
- aLIGO.txt: Design sensivity for Advanced LIGO with coating thermal noise update
- Aplus.txt: Design sensitivity for the upgrade of Advanced LIGO, A+
- AdV.txt: Design sensitivity for Advanced Virgo with recent update to use broadband configuration
- AdVplus.txt: Design sensitivity for the upgrade of Advanced Virgo, phase 2

See readme.pdf for the details of each sensitivity curve.
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