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Type B Boxes and Cards and Modules

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Mark Barton
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Mark Barton
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21 Feb 2018, 15:22
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21 Feb 2018, 15:22
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21 Feb 2018, 15:22
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Links to circuits etc used in Type B
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  • JGW-D1301467: LVDT and Voice Coil Drivers Electric Circuits
  • JGW-D1402826: LVDT Driver Module Top Assembly
  • JGW-D1402827: LVDT Driver Module Front Panel
  • JGW-D1402828: LVDT Driver Module Rear Panel
  • JGW-D1402829: LVDT Interface Board
  • JGW-T1201255: LVDT-Actuator Driver Electronics
  • JGW-T1604798: LVDT board setup manual
  • JGW-D1301466: Geophone Preamp Circuit v3
  • JGW-D1402120: Geophone Distributor Chassis Assembly
  • JGW-D1402121: Geophone Distributor Board
  • JGW-D1402122: Geophone Distributor Front Panel
  • JGW-D1402123: Geophone Distributor RearPanel
  • JGW-D1503502: High Power Coil Driver Chassis Top Assembly
  • JGW-D1503503: High Power Coil Driver Board
  • JGW-D1503504: High Power Coil Driver Chassis Front Panel
  • JGW-D1503505: High/Low Power Coil Driver Chassis Rear Panel
  • JGW-D1503506: Low Power Coil Driver Chassis Top Assembly
  • JGW-D1503510: Quad Monitor Board
  • JGW-D1503507: Low Power Coil Driver Board
  • JGW-D1503508: Low Power Coil Driver Chassis Front Panel
  • JGW-D1503509: Low Power Coil Driver Chassis Rear Panel
  • JGW-D1504332: Coil Driver Interface Board
  • JGW-D1402117: LVDT-ACT Distributor Board
  • JGW-D1402118: LVDT-ACT Distributor Front Panel
  • JGW-D1402119: LVDT-ACT Distributor RearPanel
  • JGW-D1402124: LVDT-ACT Distributor Chassis Assembly
  • JGW-D1503781: LVDT-ACT Distributor New Front Panel
  • JGW-D1503782: LVDT-ACT Distributor New Rear Panel
  • JGW-L1503836: LVCT-ACT_Distributor_Correspondence Table
  • JGW-D1402411: Optical Lever QPD Amplifier
  • JGW-D1503498: 4Ch Satellite Amp Box Top Assembly
  • JGW-D1503499: 4Ch Satellite Amp Board
  • JGW-D1503500: 4Ch Satellite Amp Box Front Panel
  • JGW-D1503501: 4Ch Satellite Amp Box Rear Panel
  • JGW-G1605265: Viewgraph for the 1st International Meeting on KAGRA
  • JGW-D1605366: Stepper Motor Assist Borad
  • JGW-D1605367: Stepper Mortor Drive Cable
  • JGW-D1605368: Stepper Mortor Driver Control Cable
  • JGW-D1605369: Stepper Motor Driver Chassis Front Panel
  • JGW-D1605370: Stepper Motor Driver Chassis Rear Panel
  • JGW-T1503385: Request for circuit application about stepper motor driver
  • JGW-D1302081: Universal Whitening Filter Board Ver.4
  • JGW-D1302084: Universal Whitening Filter(Common) Rear Panel
  • JGW-D1302087: Universal Whitening Filter with DC Power Chassis Top Assembly
  • JGW-D1302088: Universal Whitening Filter with DC Power Front Panel
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