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SR Suspension Diagonalization Matrices

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Mark Barton
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Mark Barton
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16 Jan 2018, 14:49
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15 Feb 2018, 15:02
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15 Feb 2018, 15:02
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27 Nov 2018, 16:31
04 Jul 2018, 15:25
16 Jan 2018, 14:49
Gives the derivation of the various matrices used in the SR real-time models to convert from sensor signals to local Euler coordinates (LTVRPY) and back to actuator signals.
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-v1: adapted from the BS version JGW-T1707205-v4. It incorporates new dimensions in the TM and IM levels, the fact that the OSEMs are now on the back (BS has the on the front), and the fact that the IP FRs are now colocated with the LVDTs in the new Nikhef IPs. The effective actuation radius for the IP FRs is still the BS value and needs checking, although it's unlikely to have changed much.
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