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SRM Suspension Electronic Items List

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Mark Barton
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Mark Barton
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06 Jan 2017, 15:59
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06 Jan 2017, 15:59
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20 Mar 2019, 11:14
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Lists sensors, actuators, cables and boxes required for the SRM suspension.
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In the cleanbooth:
SatAmp #0: S1807624
SatAmp #1: S1604901
SatAmp #2: S1604903
Stepper Driver #0 (SRM_GAS, S1706035
Stepper Driver #1 (SRM_IP, S1808438
Pico Driver #0 ("SRM_IM", S1808743
Pico Driver #1 ("SRM_BF", S1808744

In the rack:
IO Chassis: S1706930
AA chassis #0: S1808036 (#34)
ADC Card #0:
ADC Adapter #0:
AI chassis #0: S1808040 (#34)
DAC Card #0:
DAC Adapter #0:
AI chassis #1: S1808039 (#33)
DAC Card #1:
DAC Adapter #1:
BIO Card #0:
BIO Card #1:
BIO Card #2:
LVDT Driver: S1403020
LVDT Distributor: S1503676
Signal Generator:
"LPCD" #0 (TM): S1706253 (HPCD)
"LPCD" #1 (IM-V): S1807814 (HPCD)
"LPCD" #2 (IM-H): S1707390 (MPCD)
HPCD #0 (IP): S1807809
HPCD #1 (GAS): S1807811
Geophone Distributor Chassis: S1706942
Whitening Chassis for LSOL: S1808656
Bit Switch TILT: S1809027
Bit Switch LEN: S1809025
BIO Adapter: S1605900
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  • JGW-S1808743: Newfocus8742 picomotor driver
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  • JGW-S1706942: Geophone Distributor Assembled Chassis S_No.
  • JGW-S1807624: Satellite Amp Assembled Chassis S_No.(B No.1820011)
  • JGW-S1604901: Satellite Amp Assembled Chassis S_No.(B No.K6200018)
  • JGW-S1604903: Satellite Amp Assembled Chassis S_No.(B No.K6200020)
  • JGW-S1706253: High Power Coil Driver V2 Chassis S_No.(034)
  • JGW-S1807814: High Power Coil Driver V3 Chassis S_No.(018)
  • JGW-S1707390: Low Power Coil Driver V2 for CRYO Chassis S_No.(016)
  • JGW-S1807809: High Power Coil Driver V3 Chassis S_No.(013)
  • JGW-S1807811: High Power Coil Driver V3 Chassis S_No.(015)
  • JGW-S1403020: LVDT Driver Assembled Chassis S_No.(1)
  • JGW-S1503676: LVDT-ACT Distributor Assembled Chassis S_No.
  • JGW-S1808035: AA chassis
  • JGW-S1808036: AA chassis
  • JGW-S1808039: AI Chassis
  • JGW-S1808040: AI chassis
  • JGW-S1808656: Universal Whitening Filter Ver.3 with DC Power Assembled Chassis S_No
  • JGW-S1809025: Out Config Board S_No.(B_No.051)
  • JGW-S1809027: Out Config Board S_No.(B_No.053)
  • JGW-S1605900: Binary IO Converter Assembled Chassis S_No.010
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