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Suspension rigid-body modeling tool in Mathematica

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Takanori Sekiguchi
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Takanori Sekiguchi
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24 Jun 2015, 09:30
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31 Oct 2017, 14:34
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15 Feb 2019, 20:36
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24 Jun 2015, 09:30
This is a suspension modeling tool built in Wolfram Mathematica. You will need Mathematica later than version 7. To start the program, unzip the attached file and execute 'startSUMCON.nb' in the top directory. The user manual is to be added soon.
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-v2 = SUMCON v1.4:
Support for comments added by Mark B. Most string and numeric fields now have a triangle indicator which opens a comments field when clicked. If a comment has been defined, the associated triangle is highlighted in blue, even when closed. The comments are saved with the model, in arrays with the same name and internal structure as for the parameters, but with $comments appended (e.g., for wire data, save$wire -> save$wire$comments). Various typos and Japanese English were also corrected.
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