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SUMCON 1.5.0: Suspension Modeling Constructor in Mathematica

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Takanori Sekiguchi
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Perry Forsyth
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24 Jun 2015, 09:30
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07 Mar 2024, 10:52
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07 Mar 2024, 10:53
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28 Feb 2024, 11:05
15 Feb 2019, 20:36
24 Jun 2015, 09:30
Version v1.5.0 of the SUMCON suspension modeling tool built for Wolfram Mathematica.

Latest Version is built in Mathematica 13.1.0.
To start the program, unzip the attached file and execute 'startSUMCON.nb' in the top directory. See LIGO-T2300094 for a general manual on SUMCON.
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Notes and Changes:
Updated without changing version number.
- Fixed a typo in the Perry Export mode that stopped new models being exported.

SUMCON v1.5.0:
Edits Made By Perry Forsyth from the University Of Tokyo.
* Added option to lock individual DoF to ground.
* Added filled cylinders to body shapes list.
* Added the option to add vertical springs between bodies without needing to add a suspension wire between them.
* Added Q-value predictions to the eiganmode list.
* Added a new way to export the model to MATLAB by generating a simple function and matrix files to a given directory.
* Altered body rotations to be extrinsically defined in kinematic equations.
* Altered several checks which would refuse to generate a model if certain arbitrary parameters were not met.
* Altered how comments are associated and now do not inherit between fields.
* Fixed a several typos and errors that disabled features in v1.4.
* Heatlinks are no longer required to add dampers.

Note - Older models may require the "Set Body Names" tab to be opened and saved to synch with the new way that ground is defined.

-v2 = SUMCON v1.4:
Support for comments added by Mark B. Most string and numeric fields now have a triangle indicator which opens a comments field when clicked. If a comment has been defined, the associated triangle is highlighted in blue, even when closed. The comments are saved with the model, in arrays with the same name and internal structure as for the parameters, but with $comments appended (e.g., for wire data, save$wire -> save$wire$comments). Various typos and Japanese English were also corrected.
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