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Status of KAGRA vibration isolation system

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Yoshinori Fujii
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Yoshinori Fujii
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16 May 2015, 13:39
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31 Jan 2016, 09:48
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31 Jan 2016, 09:48
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11 Jan 2016, 14:33
Poster for Amaldi conference on June 2015.
*Mirrors for ground based gravitational wave detector are suspended to prevent seismic vibration transfers to the mirrors. Also in Japanese gravitational wave detector KAGRA, multistage suspension system including GAS Filters and Inverted Pendulums is used to attenuate the seismic noise. Since the initial KAGRA running is going to start soon, we assembled one prototype suspension (for Beam splitter) called type B and checked the vibration isolation performance in NAOJ(Tokyo, Mitaka). This poster session will present the concepts and status of the suspension system for KAGRA, focusing on the assembly and the result of the prototype test of the suspension system.
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