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Dongfeng Gao-Application for joining Data Analysis Group in KAGRA

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Panwei Huang
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Panwei Huang
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21 Aug 2018, 22:05
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21 Aug 2018, 22:05
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21 Aug 2018, 22:05
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Working group: CBC
Project: Test of General Relativity
Description of research: In WIPM, many efforts are put on testing the weak equivalence principle (WEP), which is the foundation of General Relativity. The basic idea is to launch two atomic species in a 10-meter-high atom interferometer, and compare their accelerations due to the Earth’s gravity. We are working on to improve the WEP test to the 10-10 level.
To push the “Test of General Relativity” in full aspects, it is also important to test the equivalence principle (EP) with other massless microscopic particles, such as photons and gravitons. One of our future research plans at WIPM is to use two atomic clocks at different height, compare the gravitational redshifts of lights, and test the EP.
Then, it is of great value to use data from KAGRA for EP test. Especially, in the era of mutli-messenger astronomy, people have done initial test of the EP by comparing the velocities of the light wave and gravitational-wave.
It can be expected that when combining the data from atom interferometer, atomic clock, and KAGRA, a lot of important work on “Test of General Relativity” can be done.

Members: Dongfeng Gao, Gang Wang, Wei Zhao
Collaborators: Mingsheng Zhan, Wei-tou Ni
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