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Optimal Control and Optimization for KAGRA Vibration Isolation system

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Tak Lun Terrence Tsang
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Tak Lun Terrence Tsang
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19 Aug 2020, 10:16
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19 Aug 2020, 10:16
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19 Aug 2020, 10:16
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04 Sep 2020, 14:09
28 Aug 2020, 10:56
28 Aug 2020, 10:48
Part I: Introduction, Definitions, and Problem Formulation
Part II: Optimal Control Using H2 and H∞ Synthesis
Part III: Sensor Correction Filter Optimization, and Inter-calibration Minimization.
Part IV: Optimal Complementary Filters
Part V: Model Reference Diagonalization
Part VI: File Management System/Data Pipeline for Suspension Models, both Simulation and regressed.
Referenced by:
  • JGW-G2112918: [Amaldi14] Optimal Sensor Fusion using H-infinity Methods - Synthesizing Complementary Filters for Active Seismic Noise Isolation Systems in KAGRA
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