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Type B local control systems and displacement sensing of the suspended optic - 22nd F2F

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Tak Lun Terrence Tsang
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Tak Lun Terrence Tsang
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19 Apr 2019, 08:47
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19 Apr 2019, 13:54
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03 May 2021, 23:44
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19 Apr 2019, 08:47
Please check for JGW-T2112874 for a newer version of the optical lever sensing matrix https://gwdoc.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=12874.

We modified the suspension model to have a new control topology that resembles a classical PID control without proportional control. We installed the displacement sensing mechanism for the suspended optic and have diagonalized the signal to a satisfying level.
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  • JGW-T2112874: Sensing Matrices for Optical Levers (OpLev) of the KAGRA Main Optics
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