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Detector Characterization for LCGT

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Kazuhiro Hayama
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Kazuhiro Hayama
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13 Jan 2012, 11:18
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15 Jan 2012, 12:44
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09 Feb 2012, 02:22
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An interferometric gravitational-wave telescope is sensitive to its operating condition and environmental phenomena such as sound of airplane, changes of magnetic fields, seismic events etc., which make artificial non-Gaussian noise encoded in a data stream. The gravitational-wave telescope need to be designed to be isolated from such non-gravitational- wave external phenomena. LCGT is planning to be equipped with systems to monitor the local environment and auxiliary interferometer channels for disturbances to identify data quality and to link the non-gravitational-wave external phenomena to causes in the local environment or to aspects of the telescopes. These systems are helpful to remove these noise through improvements to the instrument or by veto analysis, and these activities is called detector characterization. In this workshop we give a talk on our plan of the detector characterization for LCGT.
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