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Measurements on the Scattering of Materials Used in the Gravitational Wave Interferometer Detector KAGRA

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Simon Zeidler
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Simon Zeidler
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23 Sep 2015, 15:55
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23 Sep 2015, 16:02
In the last years great efforts have been made to establish a network of second generation interferometric gravitational wave detectors all over the world. The a-LIGO project in the USA, the a-VIRGO detector in Italy, and the KAGRA project in Japan, whereas KAGRA is going to be the first cryogenic, underground gravitational wave detector, built in the Kamioka mines near Toyama.
The outstanding sensibility of this detector makes it necessary to suppress any disturbing stray-light that can influence the measurement of the gravitational wave strain. The main stray-light sources are scattering and ghost beams which occur on the surfaces of the optical elements. In order to suppress these stray-light efficiently, we are going to use special materials or coatings with a very high absorption and very low specular reflection properties. However, these materials need to withstand also the high-vacuum and (partly) the cryogenic environment in KAGRA. Therefore, at NAOJ, we have implemented several devices in order to measure the scattering properties of different materials and to proof their vacuum and cryogenic behavior.
In my presentation, I will give an explanation of the back-scatterometer and the gonio-scatterometer we are using for the measurements. Furthermore, I will give an overview of the results of our scattering measurements. In particular, I am going to present some results on materials that haven't been used in interferometers so far, trying to answer the question whether these materials might be useful for stray-light control in gravitational wave detectors or not.
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