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Measurement of seismic motion at Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitational wave Telescope project site

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Kazuhiro Yamamoto
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Kazuhiro Yamamoto
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01 Nov 2010, 03:24
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01 Nov 2010, 03:24
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01 Nov 2010, 03:24
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The LCGT interferometer will be constructed in Kamioka mine because seimic motion is extremely small.
However, in previous investigations, only the seismic motion around the center of the mine was measured.
Since the size of the LCGT interferometer
is comparable with that of the mountain, the mirrors must be far from the center. We measured seismic motion
of inside and outside of the mine to investigate the position dependece. Seismic motion of outside of the mine
is larger than that at center of the mine. The seimic motion in a mine tunnel is enough small
at location which is 50~m far from
a entrance. Therefore, "underground" is an important keyword for LCGT.
Ditches to bring groundwater to outside should be 60~m far from the main mirrors.
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