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KAGRA cryogenic underground Gravitational Wave Observatory

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Riccardo DeSalvo
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Riccardo DeSalvo
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16 Sep 2012, 14:12
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22 Sep 2012, 15:33
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30 Mar 2013, 20:15
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Presentation of KAGRA at SIF (Italian Society of Physics) Napoli 21st September 2012
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At the Italian society of Physics Eugenio Coccia was awarded the prestigious Occhialini prize awarded jointly by the British and Italian Society of Physics for his work on GW detection with the cryogenic bars.
He made a nice general presentation, which I find useful to attach here. Then, in the parallel session on GW he made an introductory presentation, followed by my presentation of KAGRA. I attach his second presentation as well.
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