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Method for environmental noise estimation via injection tests for ground-based gravitational wave detectors

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Tatsuki Washimi
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Tatsuki Washimi
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07 Oct 2020, 12:14
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29 Dec 2020, 12:17
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29 Dec 2020, 12:17
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Environmental noise is one of the critical issues for the observation of gravitational waves, but is difficult to predict in advance. Therefore, to evaluate the adverse impact of environmental noise on the detector sensitivity, understanding the detector response to the environmental noise in actual setup is crucial, for both the observation and future upgrades. In this paper, we introduce and verify a new method of PEM injection based on the post-observation commissioning of KAGRA. This new method (response function model) includes the frequency conversion and nonlinearity of power, which are the effects that are not considered in the current model (coupling function model) used in LIGO and Virgo. We also confirmed the validity of our method by applying it to an environmental noise-enriched dataset and successfully reproducing them.
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PEM injection
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2020/10/7 draft for the 1st circulation : for the contents
2020/11/30 Change from C00_strain to DARM_IN1, text modification from the meetings (not completed yet) : for the playground data apprication
2020/12/5 draft for the 2nd circulation : for the details of English
2020/12/18 Posted to arXiv(v1) & English proofreading service
2020/12/26 Posted to arXiv(v2) & CQG
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  • JGW-G2011880: PEM injection analysis (2020 Aug. F2F telecon, washimi)
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