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KSC Newsletter No.6 201912

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Hisaaki Shinkai
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Hisaaki Shinkai
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28 Nov 2019, 22:54
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30 Nov 2019, 21:22
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30 Nov 2019, 21:22
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06 Sep 2022, 07:02
30 Nov 2019, 20:32
28 Nov 2019, 22:54
p-1: KAGRA joined International GW Network
p-2: LVK-MoA and Our required actions
p-3: New KSC board started
p-4: KSC organization chart (as of November 2019)
p-4: New EO members, SEO set Run Coordinator
p-5: Count down for the start of joint observation
p-5: Operator shift & Collaborator shift from December 17
p-6: Brief Guide to Mozumi, KAGRA office
p-8: Mass of media propagate KAGRA’s completion, Cafe KAGRA returns, Science Cafe in Gifu City
p-9: Face-to-Face 23 at Univ. Toyama, August 22-24

p-9: Face-to-Face 24 at RESCEU, December 4-5

p-10: Probing Our Universe with Quantum Technologies
p-10: Six topics in the Frontiers of Science symposium
p-11: Poster Award Winners at F2F23
p-12: Poster Prize at TAUP2019, Poster Prize at GWPAW2019
p-13: Jun’ichi Yokoyama was elected to the president of AAPPS
p-13: Keiko Kokeyama in Malaysia
p-14: Student Presentation Award of the PSJ, September
p-15: Proposals of KAGRA as a dark matter detector
p-16: Masafumi Kurachi, research administrator of ICRR Kamioka
p-17: We hear that....
p-18: New collaborators

Editorial Team
Hisaaki Shinkai (OIT) 

Yoshihisa Obayashi (ICRR) 

Ayaka Shoda (NAOJ)

Quynh Lan Nguyen (UND) <-- Newly Joined
Kentaro Komori (MIT) 

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fixed the links to the previous issues.
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