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hyper-KAGRA (hKAGRA)

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Sadakazu Haino
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Sadakazu Haino
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09 Aug 2019, 03:13
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09 Aug 2019, 03:13
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09 Aug 2019, 03:13
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09 Aug 2019, 03:49
Sensitivity is studied with 200kg (phi 45cm) sapphire mirror with low (10ppm/cm) heat absorption. BNS range of >500 Mpc and (30-30) BBH horizon distance of z~4 can be expected. The BBH horizon distance would cover most of the BBH sources in the Universe. This would be the best sensitivity which can ever achieved with the conventional technologies (1064 nm and existing facility). hKAGRA can well fill the science gap between O5 and 3G.
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  • JGW-G1910567: KAGRA upgrade plans and publication
  • JGW-G1910587: Satellite session and discussion on the KAGRA upgrades
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